Friday, November 20, 2009

Penn stairs.

Penn, morning commuters. First wreath shot.

E train riders.

Midtown, morning.


Penn, evening commute.

Series at middle concourse, waiting for track announcement. hung wreaths can mess up compositions...

Bellmore platform, conductor at door waving the "all clear."

There is a difference when I photograph in portrait versus landscape mode. Portrait mode is more controlled, tend to have more static compositions - yes, more of a "portrait" sensibility. I have a better idea of what I will get when shooting from the hip in portrait mode. But, if subjects are moving, shooting in portrait it is harder to capture the "decisive moment" (or even get the subject in the frame.

My images taken in landscape are more random, more likely to be magical (by that I mean less premeditated). They have more movement, feel more of a dance. Landscape works better on the go since you throw a wider net.

The BB lens has great distortion at the edges. This can impact portrait photos.

A colleague has a newer BB and the camera in it is better. Crisper and closer depth of field. Possibly faster also - lens allows in more light.

I have come to the conclusion that the more pictures are on the BB memory card, the longer it takes the camera to react and take a picture.


layers said...

this time I like the Hot Pink pants..
and landscape mode.

Mick said...

Isn't that Jethro Tull in photo number 6?

Frances said...

Aqualung my friend....