Friday, November 13, 2009

I like this batch - they are in motion and somehow via luck elegantly - lately I strive for an "abstract realism" - see the last picture in post. This points to what I am aiming for - as an interest, a map for exploration.

My words here are sparse, no? Like poor man's ad copy. I admire my blogger friends who can write eloquently more and thread conceptual needles. Your words and quotes do inspire me.

Lately I have been photographing white when I see it - so much black in the NY winter.

I feel most at home photographing in Penn Station. There is open space and there are enough people and bustle that my image making is less obvious. There is also also the greatest amount of diversity of subjects.

I continue to photograph more women subjects than men - part is subject matter preference and the other part is the confrontational aspect of taking candids. I do seem able to take photos on subway cars in close proximity and not be caught.

I heart Frdays.


Mick said...

I like this batch, too, and I've noticed that you've been moving steadily in this direction for some time. As you say, "somehow via luck" these have appeared ... don't be so certain about luck. There is some, no doubt, but I'm willing to bet that your instinctive reflexes come to bear more and more often as you continue to work.

jgy said...

Looking at these on a Monday.

I like your abstract-realist approach and can see that coming thru in many of your photos.

You use just the right amount of words needed!

Hope you had a heart-full weekend.