Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday morning's commute. The escalator pictures show the volume of traffic going up to West 34th Street, half a block from Macy's department store, which will host this Thursday's Thanksgiving Day Parade. These are commuters who will walk or take a bus from Penn.

The E train stalled, first I had to take a tearing on the A platform and then due to an unrelated medical emergency - all train service was stopped temporarily. Luckily I was at a station when this happened so I had to walk about eight blocks to the office. Security guard is a rare daytime outdoor BB shot en route.

Have a great Sunday. Getting colder here.


Mick said...

I remember staying in The Village a few years ago and walking from my quaint hotel (8th Avenue near 4th Street) over to Bleecker, down to 7th Avenue and then 5 or 6 more blocks south to my destination. It was January; no snow, but an ice cold wind was constantly blowing up my shorts! Even so, a beautiful walk morning and evening and I enjoyed it ever so much.

layers said...

Yes, I can see the coats and boots and hustle of winter walking-faster I think.

jgy said...


e=bb squared*

* (instead of the word, should be the little raised 2 symbol for "to the second power", however does one do that on the keyboard)