Sunday, November 29, 2009


I have been working on quilts again - for those who have followed my blog, or looked at the older posts, you will see that this blog originated with my exploring the use of MS Paint and that I sampled then the images of a struggling Broadway actress/dancer who I had met three or more years ago. It was an artistic relationship. We met a few times to discuss posing and for plans to do a show, and to show her the sampled her photographs and painted on C prints. Less than a year later we parted ways since she moved to California.

The original plan was to do a show that combined sampling and painting on her her and then creating another set where we worked together creating the images which I would then quilt and paint. In the end I am thankful for the experience since the plan and process pushed me to start creating art after a long absence.

Recently I got permission to use the images of another blogger, but I have just determined she is under aged. I had previously believed she was in college based on content of her blog and appearance. I will not use her images again and have removed others, such as the prior post.

The candids BB photos in this blog have confronted for me issues of privacy. I seldom have photographed children. The few underage candids that I have taken, I will not post. I do think children deserve a heightened degree of privacy.

Nothing here is meant to be improper or seedy.

The image today is sampled without permission from a fashion blog and features a Halloween costume. The subject is in college and sings in a rock band and also models vintage clothes in Tennessee. Her blog is artistic, her fashion is creative and it definitively has a Sixties sensibility. I will link sometime if I get approval.

I think I will ask for permission to use her images.

Last day of a four day weekend. My best.


Mick said...

I'm always fascinated with the paces certain artists put MS Paint through. It may not be common knowledge but all of my work, in fact, begins in that program ... either way, another impressive quilt here, John. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Four Seasons in a Life said...

You have the right idea since an underaged person has no legal authority to grant permission, that you should remove them for your own legal protection.

I am sure you can find someone with maturity and beauty for working with.

All my best

layers said...

after being on the computer all morning and too lazy and time constrained by the time i got here--:-) to look up your old posts--
are these digital quilts or actual fabric quilts? what is your process?
I love the results-- the sheet especially.

Frances said...

I appreciate the beauty of your art and the thoughtfulness towards young people. You are one of the good guys johnmora. hugs
PS - so glad you are finding time and inspiration to quilt. YAY!!!

John M. Mora said...

Donna, the quilts here are electrronic_ I do not think I van sow a botton well much less create a cloth quilt.

I use photo images, screenshots and nostly work with MS Paint, and MS Office.
Picture Manager - although I have Photoshop and Corel Paint.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

Surreal quilt.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Nothing seedy here except my head when I've over done it....fortunately/unfortunately these days that's not too often!