Friday, November 20, 2009



jgy said...

For me what is interesting in this, besides the attractive woman and fall fashiony feeling, is the way her hair is so perfect, parted on the side, and then the way you cropped the image at the side, just a few hairs from the side part.

Also the words running thru her. Words running thru her...

Four Seasons in a Life said...

This is very exceptional indeed.

The composition and especially the right partial picture of her is perfect.

I can envision this being 4 x 7 feet hanging in a lobby of a corporate building.

Have a wonderful weekend,

jgy said...

I agree with Four Seasons.

And on second viewing, I feel more and more the "perfection" of what you are doing;
and am less fixed on the imagery itself.

(Japanese maples)


John M. Mora said...

Thank you.

This one is odd -wrong word - because it is less quilted and that is also its "beauty."

And there is something cheap about using a subject that is attractive.


The quilted treatment itself was fairly convoluted - the "words" are mostly highly manipulated images of tthe subject in full length. You can see her face in the open white area near the top.

I personally am not at all a "well dressed" individual. I mostly wear kahkis. I like polos. I own five pairs of shoes.

I can appreciate
fashion as "art" if its creative and not just "personal shopper" purchased.

I find images, others find worn out trading cards, some find vintage clothing and combine it with individual flair.

Someone dressed in Abercrombie & Fitch still does not cut it for me.

Living fashion can be beyond materialism and this is a new viewpoint for me.

I am rambling. And I a9cept objections or silence to subject matter.

My best.

Mick said...

Goodness! She looks a lot like my oldest granddaughter, Paige.

Frances said...

king of quilts. I like commuters but I love quilts. chapeau!

The Green Stone Woman said...

I won't waste words, John. It's wonderful and I love it. It's very simplicity, yet extra ordinary beauty, touches me completely in my head and in my heart. It's an absolute pleasure to look at. Very well done, I say!