Saturday, November 21, 2009

My children, Mariana and Mariana, at breakfast yesterday. Each eating a bowl of Life (cereal). Alex is starting to not like having his picture taken, somewhere simmers the nucleus of what will surely become adolescence.

Years ago I used to do "artsy" wedding photography. The rule I learned quickly was to take pictures of people drinking not eating. Instead, I took pictures of the buffet before the meal and a close up of plates after people were finished.

My least favorite shots were lining up the families. Candid weddings were my specialty.

This weekend are the our last soccer games. Alex has his last travel game today and both Alex and Mariana will play intramural tomorrow.

Peace and no hand balls.


Mick said...

Oh! These are most interesting.

Frances said...

I mourn being able to take photos of my daughter. Horrible teens... good when they have come through safely on the other side and are back to their core self. beautiful pics.

The Green Stone Woman said...

Too bad they won't let the game be replayed, because the referee's word is the final word, even though he was wrong, obviously. There's no justice, I tell you!

The Artist Within Us said...

I know I seem to keep repeating myself but I cannot help it as so many of these wonderful images I just wish to turn into paintings. I cannot help myself! Did I just not say that already?
I really need to start exploring your technique and see where it leads me . . .
Thank you for sharing and enjoy your Sunday,

jgy said...

Ephemeral and atmospheric closeups, beautiful exploration.
I know how it is too, my daughter poses less and less for me since she turned 10.

Anonymous said...

PS Good luck with all the soccer games, and happy Japan labor day!
(yes, another holiday:)