Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday commute - "I have been workin' on the railroad..."


Mick said...

... all the live-long day?

layers said...

These images don't seem as blurry-- perhaps because most of the people are sitting still-- stationary.
Do you know who the photographer, Susan Bernstine is? Her work is blurry black and white... if you are interested you can find her at:

John M. Mora said...

Donna, thanks fo the link - I really like those B&W images.

Blurry is caused by the subject's movem,ent, my movement (tpwards or away form subject), my hand moving (often on purpose), low light causing longer exposres, and the subway car shaking.

The more photos in the blackberry's memory card, the slower the camera "seems" to "shoot" (respond) - maybe I am bgit crazy here. But if it shoots later I might have also moved my hand thinking the shot was done.

Proximity also causes blur - distant objects are smaller and they move less distance within the frame during the exposre. Thus, they tend to be sharper. Something up close goign to tghe sdide gets blurred.

Landscape mode has a larger area of coverage (I tendf to fil the frame less) and therefore lamdscape images are more likely to be more in focus, all other things being equal.

I also constantly fight the urge to "not" take blurry shots. For years I tried to have sharp focus, mostly...

ArtPropelled said...

Your photos are strangely alluring .... but I'm wondering why nobody has hit you over the head with a