Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One subway picture from mid August...the 18th to be exact. Handbag series.

Today I go (went) back to work.

Yesterday we had a delightful afternoon with Andrea and Gerard. We ended up in Fire Island at the light house. I noticed maybe five crows gathering on the beach.

Look here and here for inspirational crows calling from the Pacific Northwest.

We all need gatherings....


Mick said...

When I first looked at this, mind your knitting was my first thought. I wonder what's inside that rather rotund bag?

layers said...

OMG -- I am blown away to be included in your post--- thank you. I was going to comment on your handbag series-- I hope you include more images-- handbags are so intriguing-- too bad you can't get a look inside them.

Frances said...

Really reminds me of Francis Bacon.

The Artful Eye said...

Gerard and I really enjoyed spending time with you, Marie and the kids. Wish we all lived closer.

Must have put in 10 miles today, from Central Park West to the Bowery.

MOMA was closed, we were sad. American Folk Art Museum, next best friend, waved hello from the street.

Your series of BB images below, fantastic. I love the old timey feel of beach scene Sept. 6, pics of Mariana with sky, beach pail wonderful. You are truly a master with composition.

Hugs all around, farewell N.Y. -D.C. here we come.

John said...

Thanks, everyone. Getting too close to handbags might get me arrested.

Donna, thank you always for your kind words. I am fortunate to have each of you visiting and commenting. Donna, I went to your website and was blown away by your canvases.

Andrea, I got an email today and Monet's Waterlillies exhibit is opening at MoMA today. One day late.

My best from a westbound train, the Dead playing Dylan in both ears.

"..evertbing has been returned that was owed..."

The Green Stone Woman said...

That girl seems chained to her handbag, as if she is part of a chain gang, but a pretty one. It must be tough to carry one like that around and all for the sake of fashion. I will not do it. Just give me a plain old shoulder bag.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

Obviously Ive been away much too long. There are downsides to being so busy, and this is one of them. Thank you for including me in your blog. What an honor.
Maybe someday you will come visit the west coast again. Im jealous of Andrea and Gerard.