Friday, September 11, 2009

Thanks, everyone, for your most kind words. Still experimenting - when I took time off I noticed a lot of my images were darkened - I have been experimenting with that a bit.

I am taking fewer butt shots, but now more breast shots, apparently a side effect of head on traffic photography. I cannot win.

Can you find the token man photo? I know.

I like the very abstracts here. Lately I more often to "shoot and create" versus "shoot and capture." Not sure if I am making sense. I am taking a lot of pictures and the subject matter is less important than the results. Finding the "spirit" versus the "reality."

All of these images below are Penn from Thursday's morning commute. No train, no subway, no MoMA.

Speaking of MoMa I saw a preview of Monet's Waterlilies exhibit - about eight canvases, two quite large. Took some photos inside....will post soon. May go back tomorrow so I get there before open to the public - less crowded now. In New York cost and space are factors.

I am far from a fashion expert, but I think scarves are an important accessory this fall.

OK, a subway first - a woman carrying a surfboard - not a more transportable short board but a long board more than seven feet long.....

"I wish they all could be California girls."

Even better - "Pet Sounds" CD. in mono. I got the Beatles remastered set in Mono, but it is a "collector's item" and I have not opened the box. They were only going to make 10,000 copies and due to demand the record company decided to increase the number of this limited set. I know I will open it sometime....

I am listening to the remastered stereo "White Album." As an oversimplification, so far the Beatles remastering has done marvels to Paul's bass lines and to John's voice. There is much greater separation and you hear with greater clarity many of the layered and layered and layered overdubs.

"While my guitar gently weeps."


Frances said...

lol - nicely man-handled. looked for the breasts, but I think it needs a man's eye - maybe the scarves are in the way. LOL

layers said...

I buy and wear a lot of scarves-- I have told my friends to shoot me if I buy another one. I think I understand what you mean by the abstracts-- the results being more important than the subject matter--
the whole rectangle is more important than the figure.

Mick said...

Nah, can't find the dude.

In my room.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

contrary to popular belief, i haven't totally disappeared. i love your abstracts, those captured moments of time. rush rush. where do you surf in manhattan? that's what i want to know.

i am the wal.rus

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Wow! Absolutely love ALL your blurred photos. They look incredible. They vibrate and buzz of city life. Thanks.

Kim said...

bonza surfboard :) :)