Saturday, September 26, 2009

Standing on a morning E train yesterday - up close and personal.

I have quieted down the sound of when my BB clicks. The ear buds, the reading and rumble of the subway car also distract or muffle.

Have a great Saturday.


Mick said...

She looks a lot like my friend, Jill. :)

layers said...

it is interesting how everyone is usually looking down--- it is like when you are in an elevator and everyone looks straight ahead-- avoiding eye contact.

The Green Stone Woman said...

She looks a lot like my daughter, Nicole.

John M. Mora said...

Lack of space and the proximity prevent intimacy- yes, a subway car is like an elevator (sometimes) - people packed in closer than they want to be even with good friends. Minimal eye contact, no looking (mostly) beyond a quick determination that "all is safe." You look long enough to make sure there is no blatant axe murderer or crazy...iPods help but also make you less aware.

About a week ago there was a woman preaching in a crowded evening train. Another man started screaming back at her to shut up, Most of us acted like nothing was going on, but a few us smiles at the absurdity of fire and brimstone and the responding anger.

My best.