Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to MoMa last Thursday and one shot near my subway entrance - nighthawk meets skyscraper custodian sweeping sidewalk.

Warm September day here - I did not download the few photos I took today with my BB.

Tonight I watched last set as Roger Federer lost in US Open finals. Look at this shot from last night. It is art.


The Green Stone Woman said...

You know I always like your MOMA photographs, they're very peaceful and fun to look at. The colors are so nice because of the light. I do like the custodian sweeping the sidewalk. Maybe you could shoot more people doing odd jobs like that. It gives a bit of human interest. Someone doing a menial job that's so important. He doesn't know he's been documented for forever.

Mick said...

Indeed, an amazing return ... or was that a squirrel that ran out onto the court?

John said...

Tennis is all about hitting with momentum. Roger ran back and at correct moment stopped his momentum pushing himself away from opponent's court and smacked a ball to the corner line.

It may be the best shot in US Open history.

jgy said...

Thanks for your funny story about the cricket (on your comment!)
Oh, and I am seeing these black fashion shots as parisian towers!
(ok, like tennis, back to your court!
and if any one can follow this that's a point in your favor, doubles ok!!!;
and if you can follow this that's

layers said...

love the MOMA shots as usual-- but thank you for sharing the best tennis shot in history-- I missed the semi final and final which surprises me because I am a tennis fan--- but I have turned off the TV for a month now as I am fed up and angry whenever I see anything about the healthcare debate-- the lies and disrespect and outrageous behavior is too upsetting-- so I leave the TV off most of the time-- getting used to the silence.