Friday, September 11, 2009

Trio, taken Friday afternoon at MoMA. Eight years later - in remembrance on 9/11.

The three images, two planes, one crazy world in a universe in which we have found no other form of life, yet.

I was on train coming into NY that morning on the first car and at Jamaica Station I saw a white plume in distance and thought there was a large fire in Queens. Later at Penn I boarded an E train that had been under the World Trade Center after the crash. In this fairly empty subway car someone told me two planes had crashed into the World Trade Center.

Later at the office people went to conference rooms and saw the horror. I stayed in my office on the Internet and I got on the first train I could home in the early afternoon. An E train took me to Queers, Half of the people on the LIRR train were covered in white drywall dust from the collapse of the two towers. Many had walked miles to Jamaica Station since there was scattered public transportation available. All bridges and tunnels to and from the city shut down, stranding those who had rented cars to get home.

MoMA brings the world together and celebrates some of that which is good and uplifting in all of us.

Peace on earth, stop the insanity. Hatred. For what, from where?


The Green Stone Woman said...

That's almost too poignant to comment on. Your experience is close enough to the horror that took place. It must have been bewildering. I can only begin to imagine what it must have been like.

Mick said...

... and when all the infidels have been slain, who will the fanatics turn on next? 17 seconds of silence ...