Sunday, September 13, 2009

Subway, 53rd street, MoMA, subway, Penn, Bellmore Station platform. Friday.

One photo close up of woman's face was zoomed in by accident to 3X. This makes for a much smaller image. I wish the camera would not zoom since you zoom with the same roller ball that you click with. and this make one prone to err.

The face was zoomed in dead center from the hip...most times errors result in duds.

Is it better to be lucky than good?


among found objects said...

Things that go bump on the train.
I think its best to be both, lucky and good are but perhaps if I had to choose it is better to be lucky than good. You can always work towards good but you cant work on being lucky.

The Artful Eye said...

You are doing something different here which I like very much. You're lucky BB is stealth. I tried to snap a few inconspicuous shots with my digital and got a few stares.

I saw those Monet paintings at the Musee de L'Orangerie in Paris and they were magnificent, glad you had an opportunity to see up close.

Woman with surfboard in subway, crazy good.

We took time to reflect 11Sept your
thank-you for words and reflection.

Not much time between babies, sis and visiting D.C. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the first days of school.

Monday we hit the road to Cape Hatteras. Loving our music CDs,Gerard testing his memory of artist and song. Traffic, Blind Faith, etc.

Best wishes to all.

Mick said...

It is written that, eventually, luck runs out. So, it's better to be good.

jgy said...

girl with notebook and
girl with umbrella
my two favorites

(lucky and good are all inclusive, isn't one found in the other and vice versi?!wind I mean wink)

Kim said...

the fashes of colour are irresistable John..
the waterlilies....brilliantly captured... bravo!!!

Kim said...

oops meant flashes ;)
ohhh I hope I haven't caught your typing syndrome ;)

Anonymous said...

How about good luck?

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Lovely shots John, lucky, good or both the end result is the same. Recognising when you've had good luck is a blessing in itself.

Thanks for your warm wishes. I will miss you and your blog while I am away...not sure how long for....hopefully home on the weekend!

Jean Levert Hood said...

love the 3rd one, looks ghostly/other worldly!