Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Commuting, again. Alas, colder and no sundresses. Duller fall colors also.

Life goes on.


Mick said...

... but, not less fascinating!

Don Coker said...

John, I love this series! It speaks of the movement of the city and the daily lives of commuters. Very cool stuff! Keep up the great work. You chronicle life in your city like no other.

BTW, thank you for your recent comment on my watercolor piece. That meant a lot.

jgy said...

The woman standing against the orange wall appears to have angel wings.
I love anything that speaks of the divine!

a rhyme for monday a.m. (oh, today's thursday, all the same-)
The challenge is to make work play, keep on finding your creative ways.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Too many goodun's to choose from. I like the soft clarity in these, espcially love the shots of the 2 ladies above the man in the tie.
Your photos get stronger all the time.

life in the fast lane said...

Big wheels keep on turning..ooh ooh ooh...