Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Little time these days - expect the coming weeks to be difficult to find creative time. I know I keep saying that, but it is truer each day....this one again use a lost luggage challange snippet.

I do need a weatherman (somedays) to know which way the wind blows....


The Artful Eye said...

I see some rich architectural elements here. My first thought was the church of Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg, Russia. I have never been to Russia but I have seen beautiful pics of the bulbous ornate tops of this church and I see a repetition of this image.

Actually I see many unique architectural elements.


It's tough keeping up with creating, posting etc. when it gets busy but one thing you know for sure there is no pressure here from this carefree circle of friends. (Boldly speaking for us all.) We're with you in spirit.

Photos and new music work too.

My best to you.

Noortje said...

I agree with Andrea about there being that Russian Orthodox architectural element in it.I was thinking Islamic Mosque at first, but the Russian one is closer. Wish such a building as this existed, it would be quite a sight to behold. Actually, it reminds me of how Monet might have painted such a building under certain light conditions.

I hope you are pleased, because I have used an earlier image of yours as the basis for a new image of mine and credited you in my latest post. I find your collages so good to work with because of the colors and arrangements. Can't find any better than that.

I see that this one has great potential, but for now I will work with the older collages if that is okay with you.

You know I admire so much the work you do and feel privileged if I am allowed to use it.

Frances said...

ooh great. love those transforms into domes. love the colours and depth. This is a really intricate and lovely thing.
hair or grass? fur? so interesting closeup.

Kim said...

me too !!
I see mystical mosques and Dr Zhivago like scenery...icy snow and fragile hues.. :)
there are never enough minutes in the day...
I'm wishing you a surplus over the next few weeks ;)

Anonymous said...

very creative indeed, John...and much better than pancakes if I do say so myself. :)

Maybe I'll come up with a new image this weekend!

Rima said...

Just dropping in for now to say I am preparing a baker's dozen of moimois for toitoi when i come back in june :b

Sue O'Kieffe said...

russian mosques meet the golden gate bridge? lovely palette..

Neda said...

Looks like a rendering of Istanbul on fine blue china... Very nice!

Neda said...
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