Sunday, May 11, 2008


This started out being a lost luggage challenge using PS 7 and ended up being caressed by which I know and kind of like it because I have used it a bit...familiarity breeds affection.

Mother's Day here - a lovely day and spirea is in full bloom. Cherries flowers are down and dogwood and redbud are fading to leaves. Azaleas, particularly the most common kind, are in fluorescent high voltage splendor.

Leaves are like a savings account. Blooms are like a credit card - all the thrills of instant gratification.

The soccer pic is of my daughter, Mariana...they do not wear uniforms when they practice. Mariana won again today, and she made a goal but it got called back because another kid fouled. Alas.

Mariana near spirea, yesterday after her practice.


The Artful Eye said...

Dreamlike, delicious in color and so much depth in layers. This portrait of spirea reminds me of my purple lantana in all it's glory.

This piece is truly exquisite. PS mated with Paint, we'll call it "psaint' because it saved you from the unfamiliarity.

Nothing like instant gratification.

Mariana is precious, she looks "pooped" her eyes say it all. Come on, Dad. Pahleessseeee....

go Mariana!!!

Thanks for sharing. These made my day.

Metamorphic Sweet Wood Irene said...

What an adorable child, your Mariana. I have a Mariana too, a great nice. my only one actually. She is as adorable as yours is.

It's been a long time since I could casually talk about blossoming plants and trees as if I were that familiar with them. Having been a gardener in my other life, I have certainly left all that behind me now and become quite dumb about it in this life.

You won't believe me, but then again, maybe you will, because you had a first life in Cuba, didn't you? Don't you experience that as a separate part of your life? As another life?

Take good care of your Mariana. She looks like she is worth a million bucks.

Frances said...

Trust and confidence.
like the art too.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Awww...pretty girl. proud Papa. Heart warming om this cold Autumn day!

Neda said...

Marianne, le beau visage de la Liberté! Just perfect!!

Anonymous said...

I missed this one...the colors really caught my eye! Congrats on your new software..probably the most frustrating month or so was when I tried to teach myself how to use will pass and you'll be a pro soon enough! Thanks for playing along with my challenge, John!

Debi said...

Does little Mariana (beautiful, beautiful girl) have any JM prints adorning her bedroom wall? If so, lucky girl, that Mariana.

Cosmo said...

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