Sunday, May 25, 2008

alex puppet school project - thomas edison puppet


The Artful Eye said...

The light is always on. This guy has so much character and I like his slick hair. Bright little star you've got there.

Great job, Alex!

Hope the festivities are going smoothly!

Neda said...

Like father, like son :)

Trip the light fantastic, Alex...May all your days light up with wonder and love.

Very sweet. Thanks, John!

Frances said...

I particularly like the hyper expression of the inventor in his eyes.
a good portrait of excitement.

Good work. wish I could do the same.

Frances said...

I can't believe the result of that competition. Sorry. I am still a snob, I guess, I looked and I was really shocked.
that is probably and English view of art in me. Maybe.

Nora said...

I have to look at the results of the competition, but I expect the worst!

You son's Edison is lit up. He has a wild eye form looking at too many light bulbs. Aha, he yells, I am quite blinded!

He did a good job, your kid did. It so reminds me of the kind of art my son used to make, so serious and well intended. So totally true to form.

Anonymous said...

The competition had a wide range of styles and for each style the talent was solid- sort of like a blogging community should. My intent and expectation never was to win.

It is better to have played and lusted than to have never lusted at all.


Jean Levert Hood said...

tooo precious!!

Kim said...

great expression !!
and I love the bow tie and buttons....very cute
clappies to Alex :)