Wednesday, May 21, 2008




Neda said...

Looks like a sea of jewels. I am speechless, lin.go

I think this is one my alltime favorites!

Keep on experimenting: the angle composition is a master stroke, and the "object" placements are just so perfect. The turquoise blue..a solitaire. Very very nice!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

visiting from lake trees

this is very nice; I like how it forces the eye to move and ask what is going on in the image, whether it is real or manufactured as is shapeshifts.

Bev said...

As Nora says they do look like little landscapes.

This one could be flotsam and jetsom washed up on a Carribean Island lol

Frances said...

now with that colour it does look more like a tennis court to me. but I like the colour, still that lovely - what flavour was it?

Anonymous said...

From the coloUr it was mintUy or blueberrUy.


Kim said...

an aerial view of jewelled canoes on a sea green ocean...
lovely!!! John :)

Nora said...

1. temporarily deprived of speech by strong emotion, physical weakness, exhaustion, etc.: speechless with alarm.
2. characterized by absence or loss of speech: speechless joy.
3. lacking the faculty of speech; dumb.
4. not expressed in speech or words: speechless compliments.
5. refraining from speech.

Neda said...

Give us our daily bread.o
Do not leave us in
Thurs day.glo