Saturday, May 17, 2008


Taken in a dilapidated set of tennis courts next to where Alex practices soccer. Old painted court, scrapped and rutted cement, and a bright majestic piece of dried gum that was perfectly placed by the gods (or a punk).

I liked a lot of the photos taken on the courts - will post more.

Alex playing soccer Saturday morning. Good action shot with pocket camera. I cannot believe how straight the horizon line is - the fence and placement of the cones. All luck.

Lousy field (pitch) that is used on Memorial Day weekend for a Strawberry Festival carnival and they chew up the grass putting in all the travelling amusement park rides. Those are the tennis courts behind the fence.

Neither photo has been cropped or manipulated other than to reduce here the file size. Someday I will get a real good digital camera. I will probably play with the top photo in a

Vaya con camera.


The Artful Eye said...

You really have a knack for action photos. Do Alex and Mariana ever play against each other in soccer?

Great court photo. Texture, worn, symmetry, splash of color.

Noortje said...

It's nice to know the names of your kids and see photos of them. They are good looking kids, John.You and your wife can be proud. Isn't it nice when you are blessed by mother nature like that? And so lucky to have them whole and intact?

Frances said...

touch wood.
My time in 3rd world countries doesn't allow these things to pass unmediated. superstition.
Good kid. I love the way children concentrate and live the moment. Kind of you to share them a little.
A mother's eye says what a horrible surface on the tennis court - but then at least there is a tennis court. like that gum.

John said...

Thank you, everyone.

There are no nets on the tennis court and this is in another school distrixt and not maintained.

The only thing that happens in there are games of cricket, honestly.

When they get older we intend to move our kids to a better soccer leaugue, if they wish to continue to play.

I love beat up cement, the more bad paint the better - to photograph that is....

There will be no scandals sicne the Kitty Kat party has this election sown up....and my campaing coffers are in the negative - apparently I owe a Canadian a dollar, hopefully a Canadian dollar which is less.