Monday, May 5, 2008


Suddenly I am using brighter palette - something I have mostly avoided. Most times I have opted to under saturate rather than enhance.

My noon time stroll in Central Park yesterday was uplifting. I went with four friends and we birded without binocs, meaning birds had to be fairly close to identify, unless by song.

We saw red winged blackbird, American robin, hermit thrush, white throated sparrow, common yellowthroat warbler, magnolia warbler, grey catbird, two red tailed hawks, common grackle, house sparrow, starling, rock dove, mallard, and northern cardinal. I heard a yellow shafted flicker calling in the woody island (my wife saw a flicker in our back yard today so they are passing north). Many catbirds and the two hawks likely are the ones that nest on Fifth Avenue.

Have a great day.


The Artful Eye said...

Uplifting. I like your new brighter palette. I like the watercolor, washed ink feel, lots of texture and depth. Nice compositional element with narrow green bars on right.

Envious of your stroll through Central Park even though my yard is a birding paradise, this park is a beautiful local to visit with nature and the occasional crazy New Yorker.

You really had an eyeful. Great website link.

Happy Tuesday!

Frances said...

wow - lucky to see and hear so many. We have a lot of birds who visit our back garden, but not the range you have. Our most exciting is the elusive jay which very occasionally comes right to the bird feeder on the patio.
Rich colours. Maybe spring is colouring your world. We are overwhelmed now with the sights and perfumes in the garden. Lush - thanks for the lesson BTW

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Your birding sounds very uplifting! I can't wait to get back with nature again myself.
Is this the boho purple shirt you wear on the weekends? I am convinced you must have one just like this...

Neda said...

I think I see Mlle Delinda Devine...or has her ego just exploded on your screen canvas...Seriously, I like your widened range of colors...What a journey it's been, huh?

Sue O'Kieffe said...

i like to see you pushing at your edges and challenging mine.
i haven't seen or heard catbirds since i left minnesota. such fun. cardinals are one of my favorite birds. you are lucky to have them around you. please send me their song.
today i saw a pair of aleutian geese in a pasture. always one of my favorite sights and sounds overhead.
~sue okieffe

Metamorphic Sweet Wood Irene said...

You see many kinds of birds when you know how to identify them by looks and by sound. I just hear and see birds, which is really a shame, because sitting in my sister's garden this afternoon, I heard many kinds of birds, but I have no idea what they were. I hide my head in shame. The only bird I can identify for sure is a mocking bird and we don't have those here. Oh yes, and a dove and probably one or two more, but that is it.

Yes, I am not that bright about nature! I suppose that, except for looking at it and loving it, I don't care to know much about it, besides the cows and the sheep that graze in it. Spoken like a real farm girl, right? I know enough to leave it alone and not mess with it, that's basically it. Be kind to your mother and all that. A duck could be...