Tuesday, May 20, 2008




The Artful Eye said...

You probably saturated the concrete to get this image. LMAO, just kiddin' of course. I had to be a smart a$$.

Isn't it amazing how cool these images can be? It reminds us that all we need to do is open our eyes to find beauty and it's everywhere in all things, even a decrepit court.

Thank you for your visits and kind words.

ringo's cousin

Neda said...

Golden Slam!

Zenlike scenery.

Austin 97F! Will need a "Hail Mary" :)

Neda said...
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Noortje said...

I thought it was a photo of a landscape taken from an airplane. Lots of trees and a little lake. Could have fooled me.

Frances said...

great trompe l'oeil of scales. nice scuffs.
I noticed rocks and pools at the beach looked like mini-landscapes, tried and did not succeed as you have done. Alwasys seemed to be an indicator of scale somewhere in the picture. what with hopeless paint and useless digital photography, I am a little hampered by my lack of skills. LOL

This doesn't look as bad for kids to fall down on though. Not quite as hard and lumpy-looking. What is this surface? old concrete or old tarmac?

Bev said...

A little oasis on the desert of concrete.

Also reminds me of the mini mirages you see on roads in the distance when it is a hot day.

John said...

It is a pathetic set of tennis courts wit no nets, old cement that was repaved maybe before the Golden Age of Disco.

The school is a large facility and handles kids with large learning disabilities and those that want to learn a trade like becoming a carpenter, mechanic etc. The school district is actualy excellent - for example, Gregory currently gets a private double bass music lesson each week.

The soccer fields are an outrage and we are not so happy with the soccer program, although both Alex and Mariana had truly excellent volunteer coaches this season.

Thank you for your kind words.