Thursday, May 22, 2008


MS Paint snippet of larger image made with et al.


Neda said...

Feel like a mermaid in a sea of colors.

I loved the upper portion when I enlarged it. It could stand on its own because it is so perfect! Your mastery of blues and greens has been astounding in the last few posts this month. Jewels ..

Lisa Sarsfield said...

I remember you were using these sorts of base images when we first started um..I mean visiting you. A full circle.
You have a tutorial blog??
Your most welcome to my images of course.

Love the term book CPR will steal that...

Nora said...

I must walk Jesker, but I must comment on your collage first. I feel like kissing it and rubbing my face in it. How graphic can I get? It's lovely and soft and creamy and luscious. It's like midnight illuminated. I want to pick some up and hold it and wrap it around myself. It's very sensual.

Okay, now I have to walk Jesker.

Nora said...

Okay I didn't walk Jesker yet, I googled your name. Are you the tri-athlete who writes books also?

John said...

No, but I can outrun him.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

ooooh...right on the monet!
you are publishing a tutorial?



Anonymous said...

seek and you shall seek

Neda said...

Drawing a line in the sand?

The Artful Eye said...

I am really enjoying this image. You know that sometimes I loiter and linger for awhile before I open my mouth.

The perspective of this image is very interesting. I feel like I'm on top of a very large tree,perhaps on a branch looking down at what appears to be an already felled limb next to the road. The straight purple line reminds me of the centerline in the road.

Alright, so you think I might be loo loo with my comments but I do really enjoy looking and seeing it the way I see it.

Thank you for letting me be me.