Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Listened to Neda, in opriginal post the bottom left was busy - so I worked on it....a military exercise before I invade we.wait.

I am tired of sitting around, being deadly afraid of Weapons of Mass Distraction ("WM,huh").

Other pic is an apple with a blog screenshot, see below.


I take screenshots where I move the web page down while still loading - I love to do this and capture accidents, when fate hugs me. Demo.lition.

Need a quick trigger.


Neda said...

Honored. Thanks. Love the title. Cheers!

I think it works now because the design flows and ebbs. I feels lighter.

Matriculation. Barcodes. What next?mass lobotomies??!

griesmail said...

I did etchings once, it reminds me of scratching in the copperplate.