Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Still leaning to greens - very cold morning in New York. I hate it when someone complains about the New York City heat in late June. June heat anytime.

Four seasons do give you a better sense of time - when something happened ("Yes, when we fell in love, back when my fingers were numb from the wind chill....").

I must blink 2,000 times a day. Just did it again.

Back at work. No more vacation. Yes, I will show you the money, cliche aside.



Sweet Irene said...

I keep going back and forth between the top and bottom image and then can't decide which I like best. They both have merits, but I think I like the boldness of the top one the best. I am glad you are still stuck in green. Very pleasing to my eyes.

You must have a heck of a good time making your images. I can just picture you behind your PC, tweeking and adjusting until it is all just right.

Did I wish you a Happy New Year yet? I don't remember. Consider it done.

Bobbie said...

You are so funny with your naming at times, John. I laughed out loud when I read boy is that every right. I'm with Irene...I like wisdom.blinked best, but any green will do :)

Kris Cahill said...

I love reading your writing, John. You are such an original, do you know that?

'I must blink 2000 times a day. Just did it again.' Wow! You are so funny.

Thanks for the joy.