Friday, January 25, 2008


All I seem to do is sample, these days.


Sweet Irene said...

Well, if that's all you do, you are doing a great job of it. I wonder how much your colorblindness influences your choice of shades of colors? You do come up with unique combinations.

My ex husband is colorblind and never knew what color carpet we had and what color furniture went with it.

As an artist, you must know instinctively what works and what doesn't. This one of the sunflowers works.

Bev said...

I do like the combination of yellow and blue. It does have a fresh spring-like feel to it. I decorated my son's nursery in these colours before he was born. Blue sunflowers (probably a contradiction in verbal terms, but visually great), the result of digital magic.

Bobbie said...

John, sample away. You use photographs like paint and so it doesn't matter anyway. I love these sunflowers so cheery on a dark and dreary day.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

hmmmm im surprised the folks at work dont object if you aren't getting else done! :-D or maybe just briefly?
i think im beginning to get a glimpse in how your digital works though...fascinating

The Artful Eye said...

Your samplings are quite comforting.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Recently I saw a biscuit sample box...interestingly they used sunflowers too.
I like the large blocks of colour. Good to see you still sampling:)