Saturday, January 12, 2008


Irene was kind enough to allow to poach an image - here is the original. Dutch yellow peppers made into alphabet soup, if you will.

Irene's blog is refreshingly honest, smart and Brut dry witty; her Mandala posts are gems and wonders. My first interpretation does not do them any justice.

Click to enlarge, this one looks more dreadful small.

Draft, below.



dianeclancy said...

Hi John,

I must say, I also like the ones along the path ... but then again, I really love bright colors and the brightness works for me.

~ Diane Clancy

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Oh, I like these. It indulges the hippy bohemian chic in me. It looks silky and exotic. Mysterious...

Sweet Irene said...

I like these, John. It is fun for me to see what you do with them. I am with Diane, I like the brightness and the colors.

Bobbie said...

I love one.short.sweet.dream. The colors appeal to me plus I think I see a dragonfly in there somewhere. Irene's yellow bells have transformed again. Once into a mandala and now into a John art. Lovely!

womann in glass said...

beautiful John, still the brightness of the yellow pepper