Saturday, August 1, 2009


Prefer this to the original orientation, below:

Went back and did something more personal...not so blatantly incorporating past idea which, in a way that was cheap.

Sampled, again, from here .

I have not been creating any quilts, having less time and into BB. I like do enjoy sampling.


notmassproduced said...

nice work. it's intriguing to see the difference between this and your first one. i love them both :o)

Lisa Sarsfield said...

I didn't think you other one was cheap. I am pleased to see you doing these ones again. This one's a little like reading tea-leaves...I forsee good things for you...but sorry no chicken drumsticks! lol.

Lost Aussie said...

I like this one too,,,both for different reasons.

The Green Stone Woman said...

Nice job, John, and I like the uprught one best too. It's stronger. Makes a statement better.