Thursday, August 6, 2009

A vertical day - slick, shallow and deep, in parts. Muggy in New York. No cicadas, yet. Soon.

My work now is either bad fashion or good stuff.

I have to shoot more subjects coming towards me. Those are one shot encounters. Rush hour most people are going same way so it is like a cattle run. And following you can take a study.

I am starting to think that at some point do I use models or do I remain catching art - maybe both.

When I started the BB, I was less gun shy about shooting covertly in public - although some warned me not to take these types of candids.

I amn enjoying finding art. I can see images and the key is to temper that and work within anonimity,


Mick said...

One of the tricks I use when photographing in public places is to be up front and obviously shooting. Then, if my subjects stare 'n glare, I lower the camera and stare past them, as if they're blocking something behind them. If there are derogatory comments about what I'm doing I often say, "thanks for ruining the best shot I've had all day!"

The Green Stone Woman said...

That might work.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Lol Mick. It's not againts the law, your not invading anyone's privacy in a public place so I say BB away if that's what makes you happy!

Follow your bliss!

John said...

Taking people's pictures to some is like invading their soul...I relaize a couple of things - one is that I tend to shoot subject's backs because less obvious, that is the way they styand on a train platfoerm and because you get more shots - someone walking toweards you is a one click meeting, most turn out bad. Also tend to shoot holding BB down.

As result of these practices, I tend to take too many pictures of legs and backsides.

That can also bne offensive, to some like hubbies.