Saturday, August 29, 2009

Last night, Times Square towards Penn Station, All these taken in rain while also holding Alex's hand as we walked to a bar-b-dinner in Manhattan and then to the train for home.

Marie took the kids to the Metropolitan Museum of Art yesterday and then Mariana and and two suddenly bored sad faced the boys to the American Girl Store on Fifth Av. Mariana loves this store and it was empty - she got high top sneakers and a little red swim suit for her dolls. Greg got to eat ribs and Alex had burger.

I am off next week so no subways, trains or stations. We are staying in the area.

Maybe a bit of bird watching.....


jgy said...

Just checking my links.
My daughter likes that store too, though we didn't make it there this year. Too tired after a visit to
F.A.O. (window shopping only!)

The Artful Eye said...

Great series, rich in color. Could it be,more stealth and ability to get in closer? I like the slick street scene.

No work, hallelujah. Enjoy!

Me, trains and subway soon.

Soon there will be American Girl burgers. Perhaps I can buy an American Girl that looks like me and can go to work for me.

The Green Stone Woman said...

I do like the street scenes and wouldn't mind more of these, though I understand your limitations due to traveling the way you do. I like the city at night, especially rain slicked with lights. There's nothing like it. It puts me in the mood for a dinner and drinks. Invite me over.