Monday, August 3, 2009

String of photos, no gaps in sequence, taken on 5the Av. platform around 5:40 PM. It ios amazing how the BB interprets light quality - from grey cold to maple syrup warm.

Shooting candid BBs is both easy and very difficult. I am shier about being confronted - some people do not like their photos being taken and others police the world. My photos capture movement and spirit more than details. I cannot explain it.

From the beginning I was uncertain about privacy, and being seen as weird for sneaking photographs. I look corporate and must appear to too senior to be a rebel.

Camera phones have been tinged by so many illicit images.

I see using the BB camera as my way of manipulating the corporate beast. Finding beauty in tool of toil.

I feel best shooting on subway platforms. Deep underground, dim light, noise and transience.


Kim said...

movement and abstraction are becoming more and more predominant John...
the dominance of the white dress in the last two makes for dramatic shots :))

Mick said...

One could make a career creating photographs in the subway ... point and shoot.

The Green Stone Woman said...

Looking corporate puts you above suspicion. Isn't that amazing? We still put our trust in men with suits and ties! Sorry about that, John.

Anonymous said...

Looking corporate makes me more suspicious like what is a "suit" doing making art....Robert Motherwell, one of my favorite artists, seemed to dress normal, like a book seller.

No beret or scarf on me....

The Green Stone Woman said...

True, what's a man like you doing in a suit and tie anyway? Oh wait, making much needed money to support his family, right?

Anonymous said...

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