Friday, August 28, 2009

Penn, E train, 5th Av, evening V train, walking towards Penn near Macy's Jerald Square, Penn and a tired Mariana om the LIRR train as we approached our station. Marie and kids came into the city for the day and they walked the village. Saw CBGBs. ate Ukrainian and had Italian pastries. Yesterday was a beautiful cool day - no humidity.


jgy said...

Nice swishes, and swirls,
colors and moments.
Sweet Mariana looks like she's taking it all in.
Enjoy the cool, beautiful days,
the warm ones too!

Mick said...

She is beautiful, John!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Nice to see your lil girl again. Lucky her getting to go with Dad for the ride.

The say photography is painting with light...the 'lily' above Mariana is a good example of that...I like it alot!

The Artful Eye said...

Fourth down very interesting with girl resting,maybe asleep, dreaming surrounded by males.

Mariana looks whipped, bless her heart. I bet they had a nice time.
Borscht soup? Babka? Pyrohy? salivating- yum
and Italian cookies.

N.Y. here I come.

No humidity?! It was 110 here today, desert hot, no humidity.

layers said...

I have been in that Macys near Penn Station and anyone would be tired after that! beautiful...

The Green Stone Woman said...

Mariana is such a sweet looking, tired girl. I want to take her on my lap and kiss her head. Do you think she would mind? I do love little kids and I just have a grown up one now. And an 11 year old grandson who doesn't want to sit on laps. Grandmas do have needs, you know!