Thursday, August 27, 2009

Train, Penn and ending with stairs to the E train...a morning's dash documented. I plan to be off next week, which makes work this week even crazier.

I almost never take horizontal pictures anymore.

I need to shoot higher - working on that, still mostly shoot from the hip. Head on require such accuracy - so many times they do not come off - my finger is too big and the BB buttons are too small and all atop each other.

Have a great Thursday.


Mick said...

I love the second of this set, a woman in black with how many legs? It reminds me of the scene in Jeremiah Johnson when Will Geer's mountain man character tells Robert Redford to get off his horse on the other side - keeping the horse between he and the elk they're hunting. Redford asks, "won't the elk see our legs?". Without losing a step and amazed at how green Redford is, Geer grumpily educates, "elk don't know how many legs a horse has!"

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Lady in the red dress...lovely legs and a very big bag!

Why do all the woman carry such big bags over your way?