Sunday, August 2, 2009

I am for once quite lucky lucky lucky and won from Kim Barker at laketrees a wonderful small portrait.

Martie and I are going with Mariana as the subject. Here is one of fir pictures we submitted to Kim. Kim does great portraits and it wil come form OZ. Its is so easy to blog to OZ, but getting art on your wall from a friend in Australia is special. I have made artistic friends all through the world. That is better than anything on the Jetsons.

Princess birthday party costumne with make up =- photo taken after party by Marie.

Thanks, Kim!


Leslie Avon Miller said...

I look forward to seeing the portrait. Lucky indeed, to have such sweet ones in your life, and lucky to win the portrait.

Kim said...

gorgeous photo of Mariana... John :)
she makes a beautiful Princess :))
it was a difficult choice as each photo revealed a different perspective....
I made a start today and will post the WIP soon

aha yes the Jetsons!!
don't tell me that you have a dog called astro??? ;)