Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last night's commute home. 5th Av. station and Penn and then the LIRR (approaching Merrick).

At lunchtime I met Joanne from Aikawarazu Life in Japan and we spent an hour at MOMA. It was great meeting her and we enjoyed our time looking at paintings and sculptures. She modeled for me and I will let her post the pictures, if any.

There was also an exhibit by Song Dong where he collected all the items found in his mother's home in China. It contains all the items the family collected, much considered refuse, during a time when nothing was to be wasted. This exhibit ties in to Joanne's other blog where Joanne scans and presents objects she found in Japan.

Man, it is hot and muggy in New York these days.....stay cool.


Mick said...

Oooh! Long cool woman in a black dress! :)

The Artful Eye said...

Turn off the hot and muggy... arrggh..
I'm preparing myself.

Ever notice how these pics are like color swatches?

jgy said...

Better late than never!
I finally posted a few pics.

Merci.de.rien.(a great artist, of note, they may have some his/her works in the upstairs galleries:))