Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Friday photos - top ones are the morning commute and the rest are the evening's walk down 5th Ave and towards Penn Station past 42nd Street.

It is good that I'm off for a week since I am a bit tired of taking trains, station and subway pictures. The recent evening walks have allowed me to explore new surprises. Lights, action, little camera.

One good thing about September's shorter days is that I can start walking to Penn and take twilight pictures this Fall. Above ground commute.....

A BB photographer living like like a vampire. BTW, I saw the Twilight movie on blue ray and was surprised, I enjoyed it. I digress.

Blogging allows us to share comments, witness each others' visions and share ideas. With world wide neighbors - across America and the world....Please visit Joane's blog, where she mentions our recent meeting atMoMA. I met her a few weeks ago and now she is home, again.

Have a great Sunday.


D.Edwards said...

I can honestly say that I never tire of these little energetic snippets from your day to day life.

Mick said...

So, a week off, eh? What to do?

Anonymous said...


In deference to the Woodstock anniversary, I will note that the "grass" always has fewer seeds on the other side.

Kim said...

enjoy your week off John..
I've posted Mariana's Portrait on my blog...
if you can email your address I will send in the post this week..
all the best..

The Artful Eye said...

Maybe some BB shots of the neighborhood, beach, random objects?

Better yet...maybe a good rest is in order. But first, run don't walk to Kim's Laketree's. The portrait of Mariana is wonderful.

Lucky,lucky you.

Love the squiggly lights, like check marks,quotation marks, and musical notes, movement of the camera, more slick streets.

jgy said...

The neon blue sky one could be
To.kyo.w/a New.York princess.

I like how an above comment mentions your photos as 'energetic snippets'...
wonderful and fitting description.
This group has a lot of play.

Enjoy your days off and the early Sept. morns.

PS thanks for the mention, and your comment. Thanks too for making it relaxed and free at MOMA that I could feel comfortable finding the 'energy' in the ptgs! It was a new discovery.

jgy said...

PS Ah, yes.
Now I see, it's that above-ground light.