Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yesterday's commmte - frozen slices.

Westward bound.

Queens bound E.

5th Av. station stairs.

5th A. station merchant hallway, evening commute.

5th Av. station, V train departs.

Tourists, shoppers, commuters.

5th Av. station, E train approaches.

Newsstand line, LIRR.

Western concourse, evening commute.

Conductor, Babylon line.


Mick said...

Another fine, ambient set.

The Green Stone Woman said...

You're becoming more and more elusive, but I like it better. Just vague snatches now of moving objects, almost human, but barely so.

Frances said...

I love the second picture. That is beautiful. a couple of the others are so familiar I feel you have shown them before. Very strange. 6 familiar and 7 I really think I have seen before....

jgy said...

Yes, I think I do see a slice of frozen watermelon, in the first one, like a triangular shaped cushion.
I like the title, especially in summer!