Tuesday, July 21, 2009

6 line, south.

I am thinking I will cease taking BB photo for a while....not sure what I will do next.

The process - mainly exploring the capabilities of a BB, but also the hunt and and the luck - have been exciting, but I am simply merely taking too many photos of attractive women. I am not a fashion photographer and many of the photos are like shooting ducks in a barrel, no? I have liked skirting art with hints of fashion.

I will probably start again, but I need a wider subject matter.

Until I find another form of expression, I might post BB photos that I have taken.

My best.


Mick said...

"Skirting Art" ... I like the sound of that. It would make a wonderful title for an exhibition. If I might suggest, take 1 or 2 of your favorites and have them reproduced, as large as your tolerance for heavy pixilization will stand, using a good, industrial printer.

jgy said...

Yes, that struck me too about your skirt expression.

re:BB, I can understand your rationale, but you probably shouldn't force yourself to stop cold turkey if you are enjoying the process for whatever reasons.
Nice lines in this photo.

Frances said...

do you find you look more now you shoot more?

John said...

I am always looking, reading, typing or listening. eTrain, iPod or liFe.

For years I have always seen the world through different length camera lenses - I used to photograph a lot so I can previsualize through a wide angle to a telephoto and perceived beauty in subjects, including people, not "pretty" to most. And my best BB pictures do the same or sometimes they merely find order in chaos.

The picture in this post is an example of something "too easy."

The subject was affluent, professional, possibly thirty, five foot ten, in excellent shape and had lvery ong toned legs lenghtened more by high heels.

A corporate amazon.

The photo was taken as I walked to exit the train. Thecar door opens, I walk towards it and shoot and walk. Taken without looking and while moving.

No second chance. Luck and experience. I think she would have liked it.

The Green Stone Woman said...

But who else could have taken that shot? Not many of us could have and it is excellent. Your timing and vision are great! Don't toss that out the window.

The Artful Eye said...

"like shooting ducks in a barrel"?
I get a bad visual here, no comparison.

Looking forward to what you come up with next.

New York Sept.3-11,then on to D.C. More to follow. Leave a light on.