Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today's commute. Warm and not too muggy.

Track 21.

E platform, Penn.

C train.

E train, Penn.

5th Av. station stairs.

5th Av, station turnstiles.

Midtown marble floor near elevator bank.

5th Av. station, E train approaching, 5:39 PM.

5th Av. station, 5:40 PM.

Penn Station E platform, downtown.

Penn eastern concourse.

Penn eastern concourse, 5:50 PM.

Penn, track 21.


The Green Stone Woman said...

You keep getting better at this, just when I think it is good enough. These last ones are great. I especially like the shots of the women. They seem to be more alluring. As if we're all Peeping Toms watching a fashion show undercover. The surrealistic blur and fade make everything perfect.

Mick said...

I was thinking, "Wow! A Wookie!, until I read that it was a marble floor. Then I scroll down one more and what do I see? Two Wookies on the platform! :D

Sue O'Kieffe said...

These images are almost ghostly. It's very appealing to me.
There is something visibly waiting for you at my blog


jgy said...

Diaphanous in pink.

I return your kindness with the Diaphanous award for today! It's a word I don't often use, but your posts make me think of it because All these flowing sheer skirts, luminous colors and planes of light.

jgy said...

PS I just looked up Francis Bacon to refresh my memory, maybe I am a little off, yours are very different.
But, in the sense of some of the colors and the way he blurs the figures is what I was thinking of.
That's what I was connecting to, not the mood overall.

I way prefer yours, and they are uplifting;
just making an artistic connection.
Hope that makes sense,

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