Friday, July 3, 2009

Preparing rto travel for the Fourth of July long weekend, 5th Av E train Station, downtown platform.

This platform has soft diffuse light. Here is another picture from a few days ago.

Although it is not at all its strength, I still use the BB sometimes for traditional compositions - here the camera shows its weakness - lack of sharp focus and small file size, et al.

I still take these types of photographs, like a moth drawn to a flame....

My company apparently stopped their subsidy of MOMA on July 1 - I cannot get in for free anymore. I need to decide if I will pay the $70 annual personal membership. I probably will. In the meantime, I am taking photographs in the lobby. Free and easy,


jgy said...

Very cool photo!
Good way to enjoy the museum for free:)
That's too bad about your company,
I hope you find a way to continue your sojourns there, it looks like a peaceful place of inspiration for you.

The Artful Eye said...

Free and easy is good. I'd set up a kool-aid stand and lure some folks to strike a pose for your BB for .25 cents. After 300 snaps you'll have your admission + and enough images for a book.

The Green Stone Woman said...

Seventy dollars is not bad to get into the MOMA all year round. Does that include special exhibits? We have an art museum, but it's a dud. The building is beautiful, but the collection is awful and the exhibits are seldom exciting. Nobody cares, at least I don't, because I'm always disappointed. I'm embarrassed that my city has such a collection in such a museum.

Mick said...

In my recent virtual travels I came across an artist who enlarges lo-res images to the point of abstraction. I thought about you at the time but failed to make a note of the site. I bet you'd enjoy blowing some of these up until blocky, pixilization begins to suggest itself to your previous work.