Friday, July 31, 2009

Penn, AM.

E train platform, AM.

E train, northbound.

5th Av, stairs.

MOMA, afternoon.

5th Av., 6:10 PM.

Penn, 6:25 PM.

6:36 train, near Freeport.


The Green Stone Woman said...

The ghostly ones are the best, although there is a nearly sharp one of a woman I like a lot too, but the vaguer, the better, until they are mere allusions. Memories of people and movements and bits of colors. I like the surrealism of them, with the occasional bit of realism that makes you pause and pay attention. Each photo has a detail that you focus on that's important. Usually a bit of color that catches the eye. We are aware of what these people do, but know they've passed us long ago and are now somewhere else doing other things. Everything is temporary, yet caught forever through your BB lens.

Kim said...

good news for you at my blog John :))))

Frances said...

For me, you have got there. Now I feel the hurry and concentration, the movement and crowd. These have a more real and less distanced feel for me, but I don't know what is different. Somehow it seems more like being in it than spying on it...
I like much.

Mick said...

Odd, I hear strains of "Legs" by ZZ Top floating in the window. :)