Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jasper, MOMA.

Elevator doors opening, 19th floor, Manhattan.

Penn Station, western concourse, about 9:02 AM.

I took Tuesday off so no new pictures, just chores and plumbing (God, I am a bad plumber). Here are some left.overs. Old and new, maybe something borrowed, something blue....

Mariana, in the Subaru.

Fourth of July, Penn Station.

Fourth of July, Penn Station E Train, heading to Yankee Stadium.

LIRR, approaching Penn, morning commute.

Valley Stream cloud, afternoon commute. Marie grew up in Valley Stream and we rented our first apartment there when Greg was born. It borders Queens and is every integrated community now - whites, African Americans and Muslim. I go past it twice a day every day on the train. The train speeds up after Valley.

Bellmore main stairs, morning commute.

Bellmore stairs off Bedford Avenue, afternoon commute.

Fifth Av. station escalator, 9:15 AM.

Back to the salt mines....tomorrow I find an old post per Seth's Altered Page challenge.


Mick said...

I got a kick out of the elevator doors. Gee, the possibilities for this are endless. :)

The Green Stone Woman said...

Some very beautiful shots, John. I really like Bellmore stairs for its simplicity, others for all the details in them, the more the better. Lots of colors, yeah.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

That blue scarf rocks. Love the icecream shop shot too....the lights and text are very cool.

Have you seen the awards on Seth's page? I recognise your original award there! Small world...

jgy said...

One Moma to go please, no make that a Guggenheim/Moma twist:)
I think I recognize that guy on the platform.
Looks like you had an inspiring day.
Enjoy the one that's arriving today!

The Artful Eye said...

Ah yes, Valley Stream used to spend many nights as a kid at the drive-in in our p.j.s with pillow in back of Rambler. Cool memories!

Cory said...

Love, love the photos...brought back many memories of the city.