Friday, July 24, 2009

MOMA Thursday. The space has soft bathed light and great colors on the walls that envelop and tinge. People linger through the exhibit. It feels less NY frantic in this darkened gallery. It is quieter.

The close as a I get to having people pose.


Kim said...

MOMA is certainly providing you with some fascinating models...
you are capturing the bare bones with your camera and the tension in the movement is ...oh so palatable
have a grand weekend John :)

Frances said...

what about men? Are there no men at MOMA? did you see any interesting art work?

Mick said...

The first photograph looks like an exercise class getting limbered up!

John said...

Men - what is a men?

jgy said...

There are some beauties in here! I especially like the 3 from the bottom.
Stylish and painterly, could hang in the Modern.

Men, I did a post on them.
Ra-men, so-men.
Noodles, right?

Enjoy your lunch breaks, so glad to see all the inspiration here.
(and I do think Francis Bacon, in the last one too, mixed with some kind of fashion photo)

Frances said...

Amen to that