Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Penn, walking towards E train station.

Penn, E train approaching crowded platform.

5th Av. station staircase, bottom level.

5th Av. station staircase, upper level.

5th Av. station merchant concourse.

Bellmore station, 10:45 PM.

More of yesterday's commute. The photo on the E train platform is good - I like the Degas tones and the depth and also the feeling of beauty in gloom. I also like the staircase pictures since they also convey calm within a crowd. The lighting on the staircases is among the dimmest I play in. I get maybe two or three shots off as I follow the other calm cattle up the stairs.

I have yet to get a good picture going through the turnstiles.

Frances asked about the blond woman in the prior post. I have never seen her before and may never see her again. She boarded the 8:12 in Bellmore and when she got off at Penn she walked slowly determining which way to go. Not a daily dasher.

A ship in the morning, not a ship in the night.


Mick said...

I love the hand on the staircase. There's a painting if ever I saw one.

notmassproduced said...

hi - thanks for your visit - yeah of course u can join in the little collage challenge over at my blog - great to have u along :o)

Lisa Sarsfield said...

I went to notmassproduced...looking forward to seeing what you do with that!

The Green Stone Woman said...

These look like very subdued pre impressionist paintings, but all of them imposed by a very dim morning kind of light as if everyone is just waking to the new dawn and hurrying to their positions from which they will be painted. I am waxing poetically. That's what happens...