Saturday, July 18, 2009

I took Friday off so these are Thursday's commute, morn and night.

The BB does best for me under low light conditions - indoors, underground and at dusk. Midday, outdoors, the BB cannot compete with the Nikons and Cannons. Yesterday's posts of the walk to the train are the first long experiments with evening city light - I have taken a few other BB shots at night but few indeed.

5th Av. lunchtime shopper.

7th and W 34th.

The Times Square series below has a rawer sexuality, a stronger sense of voyeurism, than anything else I have shown. Is it because at night there is a higher level or vulnerability or because at night more subjects are dressed to go to clubs? I had also drunk a few beers before walking to Penn, so that also is part of the mix.

The other day I went into St Patrick's Cathedral to take a few pictures - coming out of midday sun like a BB vampire. After one photo of a subject lighting a candle, I decided I could not do my candid shots there.

Well, back to my more regular routine...

Penn, central concourse,after 9AM.

E Train northbound stairs.

Northbound commuters.

7 Av. Station, shot from the train car through an open door.

5th Av. escalator.

5th Av, station "token booth" area. No more tokens are sold though, just magnetic strip plastic Metrocards.

5th Av. station stairs near Dunkin donuts.

Stairs to street level, up to W. 53rd.

Off peak LIRR Conductor, Babylon line.

Babylon branch rider.


The Artful Eye said...

I've finally realized why I'm drawn to all these images. When you take a photo with your camera it becomes an image/moment frozen in time.

These BB images have so much movement I can feel the life in them. It reminds me of flip books. They are more animated even though they are technically stills.

Life, happening, busy, raw, uncomfortable. Love it.

Mick said...

One of these days, John, I'm going to have to ask your permission to work with one of your photographs. This is a terrific set!

The Green Stone Woman said...

Nice series, John. Those few beers seemed to have done you good. Took away some inhibition maybe. Just don't overdo it. I like the whole set, one after another, that's how they need to be seen. Like a short film or a storybook for a film. Great job!

notmassproduced said...

nice shots. i especially like westward bound and the jasper johns one

jgy said...

The blacks give the subway an elegant light.