Tuesday, February 3, 2009



Last night's image altered and some slightly new techniques, not to forget and to explore.

Feel confident lately creating, although I need to work with larger image files.

About the name. Cherry Hill is a section in Central Park just adjacent to the row boat lake, a location used in many movies to show New Yorkers in love. Adjacent to this hill is an area of the Park called The Ramble which has undergrowth which attracts birds in migration because there is cover, and that means a better chance of survival.

Cherry Hill is a long gentle slope with lawn and many large, huge shade trees.

Birds go there and it is a delight to be there at sunrise. The links in this paragraph are to New World warblers, small songbirds that pass through Manhattan, some species starting from wintering grounds in the Amazon and headed towards Canada.


ladybug-zen said...


Mick said...

Another fine work here. I'm studying, looking and trying to get a handle on why your work moves me so much.

jgy said...

Like a box filled with wonder. Something dimensional, almost glass that shows thruough to many facet-ed and fascinating colors and panels.

I clicked onto the birds, and it makes it even more dimensional to sense whisps of yellow flying through, and stopping here and there.

Fun to think that Andrea will see that her unfinished work has taken an adventure while she is away.

The Artful Eye said...

These images are really wonderful. The composition keeps the eye moving, lovely texture and color.