Friday, February 20, 2009


Final version, I promise.

My apologies for the on-line indulgence. I plan to work with larger files and the compositions for these will take shape slower so I might post in-progress-images. I will stop giving in progress images names - this is all a learning process, no.

This is a reduced size version, close up details are in a post below.

Yesterday I posted some quick studies in the basement. I also added something to the tutorial blog.


Neda said...

Indulge...indulge.. What's life without the creative icing?

In and out of the blogosphere. Stuck in real time :(

Debi said...

For being so free-spirited, artists can be a nitpick-y bunch. I see a few things you did differently, and I would have to agree with your final choice. Dead-on dead-eye that you are.

And what's this about a tutorial blog? Oh OH OHH. I see and I must come back to go there to spend some quality time. Into your last!

All my best to you.

lisasarsfield said...

I can think of much worse things to be indulging in online lol!...I like these indulgences! Besides, your multiple personalties all need a turn. I've got enough chicken for everyone I think....

Mick said...

Did someone say there's, "chicken for everyone?" :D