Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Neko Case's new album comes out in a week or so, but can be previewed in its entirety at NPR First Listen. I am hoping when she goes on tour she will allow NPR ALL Songs Considered do a podcast of one of her shows. Beyond her distinctive smooth voice, Neko has a memorable band for her solo work.

It is freezing in NYC - but crocuses are out and some daffodils are sending up shoots. I want to hear the sound of flip flops and even sooner the cardinal song heralding warmer days. I did see a couple of male American Robins the other day - theya re moving north early to claim the best territory- if they survive any bad weather ahead.



jgy said...

I can hear the NPR broadcast like its coming from the image. I want to use the word amplifier somewhere, reminds me of using parts to make something that sound can come out of. Collages with spaces for music or air.

Thank you for your thoughts and feel better wishes.

Mick said...

Another beauty here and accompanied by the divoom Neko Case? Heaven!

The Artful Eye said...

Ah, like fresh laundry hung out to dry. Interesting barcoding.