Sunday, February 1, 2009



At what point is an image far enough removed that it is (id) not sampled. Tree, again, and also in basement.

Super Bowl Sunday. Beer. Chips.


The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Your images are beautiful and couldn't be further removed from anything as rough and tumble as the Super Bowl and beer and chips. You aren't by chance having any hot dogs, are you? I have been craving hot dogs for a week now with ketchup and relish and onions. My mouth is watering just writing about them. I want somebody to be having hot dogs. Otherwise I will have to go to Ikea where they have the closest thing to them.

Bev said...

An interesting question, and possibly one that has never been asked before.

You have caught the starkness of the cold front we are all experiencing in the these pared down bare tree branches.

jgy said...

Strips of trees, lined up in a row.
Like the lines on a woven mat.
But who ever heard
of watching the Super bowl on
a tatami.

(Ah, but it could be a heated carpet with that pattern, so everything's possible)

John said...

Irene, I crave a good Gouda - fresh Gouda that is nothing like what arrives in America.

That, and Dutch bakery chocolates.

And salty drop - dark sour and addictive.

I would trade for hotdogs any any any anytime.

And your real beer....on a mat or standing. OK I will sit...

My best.

Anonymous said...

beautiful images.

re: the photo on my blog...yes. that's fine.

Kim said...

brrrrr illiant images John...
I can feel the chill over here...
wintry white at its super best
enjoy the football :)

The Artful Eye said...

Holy Immaculate Heart of Mary, I'm back. Go Steelers! Did they win? :0 kidding.

I see you've been busy. I must take a stroll.

"jersey.nook" outstanding. I do love these top two images... "friday" eerily 3d Blair Witch creepy like.

I'm sad to see Annie has left our blog world. These are beautiful images 'just.once' and 'twice' to bid farewell to our friend.

I've also been thinking of Trijnie and Hans.

I need to slip into the archives, trip on down to the basement, lift the lint trap,and stop in for a pancake to see what you're hiding around the corners.