Tuesday, February 3, 2009



Sampled here - a gem photo of a marble on a mat. Lovely blog of a family enjoying the nature and even birding.

There is also some Andrea canvas board sprinkles..... thank you, Andrea,

Worked very late, got home close to midnight. Pulled this out a hat...I am tired.

My best.


Anonymous said...

they are really beautiful. made me think of sunset on the african savana. the greens. sort of rust red. tall grass aglow.

very different to the other home of that blue orb. maybe.

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

What lovely collages you made, John, and so late at night too. You even are inspired when very tired. There is no end to your talent. I love the rusty brown and would like to own clothes in that color to be a maiden of the forest. An old croon is more like it. Hah.

Mick said...

That's one terrific hat you have. I found you through Lisa Sarsfield and you went immediately to my blog roll after a single once-over. I love what you're doing!

jgy said...


John said...

Thanks everyone.

Hi Mick, been seeing you around....thanks for the compliment.

Snowing here harder tonight and it is gorgeous like the last one I photographed.

Anonymous said...

Nice hat.tricks.
Kinda catchy don't you think?

The Artful Eye said...

That's some hat you've got.

I can see Bonzai with full moon. Great images.