Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I think I finally have finished this one - feels balanced and it moves with minimal bounce. I have enjoyed laying out the process - this one did not jump up like some others do - it has more like a process of pulling teeth and cutting and pasting crowns of creation (a nod to Jefferson Airplane). Not sure yet how much I like it, but it seems done. Very little sampling here - snippets from Joanne and I realize also some Lexi tree (blue streaks). The text was cut and pasted from a blog narrative and then scripted. I have used the text sample before - mystery in its ilegibility, I hope.

Suddenly I look at the image and it seems top heavy so maybe it is not done....



jgy said...

Who was the famous architect that said,
"God is in the details".
So much beauty in each one.
The whole feels balanced to me, the lavendar colums perfectly support the weight of what's on top.

jgy said...

I thought so, but checked to be sure---Mies van der Rohe, to answere my own question.

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

John, it seems done to me, but then I am not the artist, but I'm afraid if you do anything else to it right now, it will become undone. It seems perfect to me. The Higher Being is indeed in the details. Mies van der Rohe was a wise man.

The Artful Eye said...

"" reminded me immediately of the Twin towers, replicated, memorialized.